DenkerundDichter — 04.05.11, 22:38:06

what i want to be

What I want to be…
I want to be your pillow
When you come home after a bad day
I want to be your colour
When all your feelings turn to gray

I want to be your star
When your thoughts travelling through the sky
I want to be your hanky
When it ever feels that you could cry

I want to be your honey
When there is a bitter tea of life
I want to be your healing
When you cut yourself with a sharp knife

I want to be your sun
When your body ‘s cold and need some heat
I want to be your rest
When there is no more blood to bleed

this text by tim Wagener has been delicious spoken by anika

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  1. Kommentar von Tim Wagener @ May 19, 2011, 18:32 Again I enjoyed much ;P Your spoken english sounds much better than my would. So thank you for reading again!

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